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Naruto Stories: Kakashi sensei


Hello folks. It was so long that I’m not updating the stories about Naruto. Well, in this post I’ll continue to tell you about one of the important character in the Naruto world. He was the main character in the comic that become a backbone for the naruto to learn and faces the shinobi’s life. The name was Hatake Kakashi.

Kakashi is the sensei of Naruto, Sakura, and Sasuke. He is known as ‘the Copy Ninja Sharingan Kakashi’ all over the world, and it is rumored that he has memorized over 1000 jutsu (fighting technic).

At first glance you would never guess Kakashi is a very powerful jounin. He’s very relaxed and sometimes even somewhat slow. He also loves to read his romantic (or is it dirty?) book ‘Come Come Paradise’. However, in this case, appearances can be deceiving. Kakashi is known throughout the world as a formidable adversary and he was an apprentice of the Fourth Hokage.

Kakashi is a very good but very strict teacher. Prior to Naruto’s team, he had never allowed any of the teams he was to teach become genins. He uses the same teaching methods the Third and Fourth Hokages used, and he emphasizes teamwork above all else. He feels that someone who does not understand teamwork is not worthy of becoming a ninja.

Kakashi has a sharingan (extraordinary eye gather from the Uchiha clan) in only one of his eyes. This is unusual because normally sharingan affects both eyes. The most likely explanation for this is that it was surgically implanted.

The sharingan gives Kakashi a huge advantage in battle. He is able to read and copy his opponents moves with it. Almost all of Kakashi’s moves are copied from other ninjas. The only exception is the Chidori. The Chidori is Kakashi’s sole original technique.

Orait, that all for now. Hopefully with this character it can attract you to read the Naruto comic and watch the Naruto television series in TV3 every on Thursday 7.00 pm. Bye for now.

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