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Friendship’s Quote


True friendship is a plant of slow growth and must undergo and withstand the shocks of adversity before it is entitled to the appellation ~ Letter Washington, 1783

Assalamualaikum and regards.

We are now on the month of June 2009. So it’s has been 3 years that I’ve left my life as University student. UiTM student to be specific. This 3 years period actually has brings a lots of good and bad news among our colleagues. Few of them already gained a good and stable life, but the others still remain searching for better life.

So do I. I would like to classified my life as a person who still searching for a light in the darkness world. Still hoping and working hard to grab an opportunities to improve my life. 3 years been gone so fast. A lots of memories still playing in my mind like it just happened yesterday. But I have to face the reality that all these memories are only able to be express in ‘Past-Tense’ phrase. No way it will rewind back.

So, what I just like to say at this moment that I really miss my colleagues. I already meet few of them around this year. But sadly, the others are not. So I’m hoping that miracle will come and we can meet again in a big-reunion so that we can strengthen our ‘Sillaturahim’. So to all my colleagues, I shall say that I really miss you all. This quote is dedicated specially for my ex-UiTM clan. Peace, one love!

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