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Pustakawankah aku?


2 minggu lepas ada sorang student datang kat kaunter dan bertanya pada aku mengenai projek assignmentnya. Dia nak interview aku untuk dijadikan subject untuk assignment mata pelajaran Mass Communication dia yang berkisar mengenai penulisan kreatif dan journalism.

Topik yang dimintanya mudah je, mintak aku cerita pasal diri dan kerjaya aku sebagai seorang Pustakawan. Aku pon ckp okey je la sebab benda mudah, lagipun kesian pulak tengok budak tu. Jadi inilah peluang aku nak cerita pada student apa sebenarnya kerjaya ni. Seringkali orang pandang lekeh je sebab ramai yang berpendapat kerja Pustakawan ni hanya sekadar menjaga library dan susun buku.

Betul jangkaan aku, bilamana aku cerita pasal qualification, skop tugas, realiti masyarakat terhadap kerjaya ni baru la aku tengok mata di terbukak sikit sebab baru tau kerjaya ni merupakan kerjaya profesional yang memerlukan kelayakan yang tinggi.

Jadi aku saje la tampalkan kat blog ni hasil tulisan journalism beliau:



Regardless of age, interest, personality or status everyone has a job that he should be proud of.

5 years ago, IACT College was established at Jaya One which is located in Petaling Jaya. “I am sitting at this position since that day”, said the librarian. After graduating from University Technology Mara (UiTM), Mohd Aminuddin has been working as a librarian at IACT ever since.

Under the arrangement of fate, Amin joined IACT College since 2009. Personally, it was a big step. “I couldn’t explain why I choose to be IACT librarian because there is no reason. I have just submitted my resume to apply for a better job. May be I shall say that IACT chooses me instead of I come IACT for a specific reason”.

A librarian is not an ordinary clerk; it actually requires some of the specific educational qualifications. In general, a degree program of library management must be taken in order to fulfill the minimum requirements. In Malaysia, although assistant librarian is not fully in charge of the library, the requirement is still above the ordinary standard. A diploma education level is considered part of the requirement.

“I am delighted to have this degree qualification although it is not my first selection” he says. Amin is satisfied with the program he enrolled as he knows that the career that this programme could lead to the platform for him to get into the government sector. At least, the career is secured in terms of a stable income.

As an IACT librarian, there are a few simple daily tasks that needs to be done such as arranging the books according to its code, making sure the computer is ready for researching purposes and keeping the library clean and fresh. “It is not necessary to choose a job based on our personalities and interest”, he said. “Every job has different roles and attributes, it is hard to find one job that is absolutely suitable to you”. New skills and knowledge is bound to be adapted and learnt. From that, to develop a new spirit of life in our personalities is much more valuable than any other of materialistic value.

“I am sure that to be a librarian is not my final destination. On the other hand, it is only one of my platforms as I believe success will only come to me in future”. Amin understands this basic principle and this has motivated him to move forward. He sent his resume to quite a numbers of companies to look for another higher platform. However, he is still waiting for the offers throughout the years.

Amin easily adapted to the working environment and proved what he had said earlier. IACT library is an educational library which is especially for students, yet it is constantly running with a new concepts and different systems. Previously, the library was strictly silent but the new concept has created a new distinct image that divides the library into different regions; there are the audio and video room, discussion room and researching and the revision area. Therefore, IACT library is much more relaxing compared to other libraries. “As long as the situation and condition is under my control, students are allowed to have discussion and meeting here” said Amin.

Amin’s strategy is to follow the rules; nobody can escape from the rules including the librarian. “I follow the rules and carry on my tasks, focus during these 8 working hours. One day has 24 hours, despite the 8 hours need to act behind the mark, the remaining hours are still the real me. I am still who I am.” The real Amin likes to socialize; he joined a motorcycle club to make new friends.

To be a librarian is not Amin’s ideal job, but he is satisfied with the job condition as it is stable in terms of salary, has flexible lunch hours, and no influence by others external issues. Helpful is the only principle of a librarian as he is the connection between the students and the library. “I think I am helpful, just because we are in a small library and this make you couldn’t discover it”.

Amin triumphs as a librarian even though his ambition and success is in the government sector. “I do not think that I have any struggles for being a librarian. The only problem might be the internal management problem.” IACT is an educational library under the organization of IACT College, as a librarian, the management people are the boss. He has no comment about the decision made by the management as he is open-minded to most of the things. “If the management decided to have a café in library, I have no problem with it.” Office politics never absent, Amin did not want to disclose much about that as he said he should keep it private. He gives some hint about that in an indirect way.

Moreover, Amin agrees that people are going places based on their demands. People are going to Starbucks if they need coffee; going to the restaurant if they prefer eating while revising. There is no such thing that people rather to do revision in café than library. “I am 30 year old; it is not a big gap between me and the students. I do understand their struggles.” Most of the youngers like music, they prefer listening to the music to help in studying. Amin reveals that playing soft music in library is not impossible, it is depending on the management.

“Outside” has become the tagline of Amin. When he is doing his work, the only word that came out from his mouth is “outside”. “I need to keep everything under my control in the library, I allow students to have discussion and talk in the library. If their action gone over the boundary, ask them to go outside is my role.” Most people comes library for Wi-Fi, it seems unavoidable but Amin wouldn’t stop them unless the students abuse the Wi-Fi.

As a librarian is already a contribution to the society. Library can be considered as a holy place as well in term of the dedication to the community. ‘I am glad to be a librarian even though it is not my preference job, but it contributes a lot to the society.” Some libraries are running by the new system with high technology machine. Amin desires to have that system and machine in IACT library as it can contributes more to the society. “No matter how good and complete the system is, the machine still needs a librarian to process it. Apparently this shows the value of librarian”.

“I hope IACT library would have more facilities for the students and then I can contribute more to the society in the way of helping the students with the facilities. The concept of our library is fun and yet effective in learning, I sincerely wish that other libraries would implement the same concept as well. Respect is the basic manner. If it exists all the time, “outside” wouldn’t take place.”

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  1. king ton
    September 22, 2014 at 5:13 PM

    tahniah bro…moga satu hari nanti boleh jadi menteri pustakawan…..

    • September 24, 2014 at 11:38 AM

      Hahahaha.. siot lu menteri perminyakan

  2. October 31, 2014 at 4:38 PM

    Librarian Amien,

    Ini satu pendedahan yang bagus mengenai profesi Librarian di kala ini. Hang pi kat Blog aku, ada satu buku baru akan keluaq awai Jan 2015 nanti, cerita pasai peranan Librarian di alaf 21.. Aku dah order buku tu. Semua LIbrarian tua muda kena baca buku tu. Itu satu tamparan hebat jugak bagi Librarian yang bekerja di pusat maklumat dan ilmu.

    Aku copy na artikel ni… menarik jugak buat informasi kepada semua Librarian di Malaysia.

  3. October 31, 2014 at 4:45 PM

    Pengurus Pusat Maklumat

  4. October 31, 2014 at 4:47 PM

    Kamarul pernah sembang dengan aku yang dia masa kerja kat FM Production tu nak buat dokumentari mengenai profesi yang kurang mendapat perhatian dalam senarai profesi dalam pasaran.

    Dia cakap kat aku yang dia nak buat dokumentari pasai Kerjaya Pustakawan. Tapi sampai sekarang projek tu tertangguh sebab Kamarul dah tukaq tempat kerja di MobTV

    • November 6, 2014 at 9:49 AM

      Pasai buku tu aku dh tgk author dia promote dlm group fb. Nanti aku pi cari.

      Kamatul? Perghhhh legend tu, lama dah aku tk jumpa dia. mana pi ntah skrg ni. tapi tu la nk habaq mai, bidang ni memang org pandang sebelah mata je. tp yg hebat, graduan FPM semua multitasking, semua bidang keje buleh masuk. hehe

  5. November 13, 2014 at 2:05 PM

    yeah brother… itulah amien… insan serbabuleh

    • November 17, 2014 at 9:56 AM

      Semua atas ketentuanNya bang nandre, kita berusaha je la mana yg termampu untuk menchari sesuap nasik. huhu

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